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Our Teacher - Mrs. Brenda Knisley

Brenda Knisley has been teaching at Erindale Cooperative Preschool since September 1994. She completed her Bachelor of Education degree (with Areas of Specialization in Early Childhood Education and Reading) at the University of Saskatchewan. She has continued to stay on top of best practices for Early Childhood by attending annual conferences and workshops. Brenda is also involved with the Saskatoon Preschool Teachers Group as a means of being connected with other professionals in the city.



While Brenda realizes the importance of continuing to learn and interact with peers, it is her interaction with preschool children that brings her the greatest joy! Throughout her teaching career, Brenda has worked hard to ensure that each child will be “the best they can be” while attending her program. She believes in the value of play but also looks at various curriculums to enhance the social, emotional and academic learning that goes on in her classroom. Brenda has worked with many children over the years including those with typical abilities and those who have required additional support in various areas. She is an advocate for all children and is sensitive to the needs of each child while loving them unconditionally. Brenda values the relationship between herself and the children and their families.



Brenda truly loves her work with preschoolers and after 30 years of teaching, she continues to appreciate the opportunity to be at Erindale Cooperative Preschool!

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